We are always excited to meet new families that share our values and approach to early child care and learning. A Tiny Lab maintains an active waitlist for both our Toddler and Preschool Classrooms. As spaces become available in our Toddler Room we consult our waitlist and offer spaces based on timing, need and age. There is no fee to file an application and we encourage any family interested in having their child at A Tiny Lab to do so.


Our waitlist is currently closed as we work to find a better solution and better meet interested families' expectations around the availability of spaces. 

At this time, families currently on our waitlist will be contacted when spaces become available. Any spaces that are available that are not or cannot be filled by our waitlist families, as well as details on a new intake process, will be posted on our Instagram Feed.


Part-time Spaces

We reserve a set number of part-time spaces in each of our classrooms. Part-time spaces are comprised of a 2 day/week space or a 3 day/week space. In some circumstances we may be able to accommodate changing your space or days, if availability allows. If you have your child enrolled in a full-time space and would like to drop down to a part-time space, you will be placed at the top of the wait-list for the next available part-time space.



As of February 2018, our maximum daily fee for is $46 per day per child. Daily rates for families who qualify for Provincial Subsidy range from $22.50 per day to the maximum depending on household income.



Our fees reflect the real cost of providing high quality care in the city. But we know this can be a huge strain on families. Nova Scotia’s Child Care Subsidy Program helps eligible families cover the cost of childcare at licensed child care centres. We encourage ALL of our families to see if they qualify for the subsidy program.

The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development provides subsidies to the child care centre on your behalf, reducing your cost per day. The subsidy is attached to your child. If you decide to change child care centres, the subsidy goes with you.

If you have any questions on the child care subsidy or need assistance applying for subsidy, we are happy to help. To learn morer about the NS Subsidy Program, click here.



What to know more about our programs? Our Parent Handbook contains information on our policies and procedures.